Move indicator in the forum too

If something I miss when I’m spending my time in the forum, it’s the “it’s my turn” game counter of the main site.
It’s a hassle to switch every now and then and a pain in some cases to lose the opportunity to play a few more moves when we have the chance to be both online.
I guess not so easy to implement, sorry for that.


I am not alone :slight_smile:

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AdamR] OGS Team:

Unfortunately I am afraid it might not be possible. Forums run on a third party software called discourse, and while it is adjustable to some extent, I am afraid it would not be enough for this purpose.

I hate technical limits for something useful, it’s the kind of comfort improvement which can make the forum more lively too.
There should be many times players waiting in case of their opponent answers, and they could better wait in the forum sometimes.
I have a semi-solution thanks to the Android app which alerts me. Not perfect as I have to delete the alerts if I switch to the main site (to keep the alerts updated). Well better as nothing.


S_alexander did some acoustic notification.