Move number labels


I’d like an option to toggle move numbers on the stones. Just the most recent 10 moves, or a preference setting to set how many moves to label.

I play a lot of correspondence games, and often I don’t remember the most recent sequence of play. I could just turn on the analyzer and step back to see the moves, but that’s kind of tedious and not always possible, such as when analysis is not allowed. With multiple games being played at the same time, labeling of the last several moves would help me remember my train of thought in a given game.

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Can’t you use the arrows just below the board to navigate through the past moves?

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Unless I’m missing something, I believe you enter analysis mode when you click the arrows. So you wouldn’t be able to use the arrows if analysis is not allowed.

You enter analysis if analysis is enabled, otherwise you can just navigate.

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Ah, I see. Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile: