Move Number

Would it be possible to add an optional feature so that the number of each move is displayed on the stone? Fox Weiqi has such a function and it is sometimes useful to get a quick overview of what has been going on in a game.

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It does sound cool.

I guess functionally some questions are:

  • presumably it only keeps the last number if a spot is played multiple times?
  • should it be a button or some toggle that turns on stone numbering?
  • how would that interact with navigating the game tree? Should it say be just temporary or does one need some priority for used added labels and or branch variations from the main branch (which are numbered).

Just trying to think of a few things that would need to be decided upon if implemented.


At Fox it is a button which you can turn the numbers on or off. When playing multiple correspondence games at the same time, I think it would be a good feature to help one remember what was the plan in the game (now I have to go back and check the last played moves to remember what I was trying to do).

As you said the last number only for multiple stones. I would not mind if this is more or less independent of the branch tree