Moves are being unplayed before clicking submit

I’m playing a correspondence game with a friend, and today I’ve encountered an unusual behavior. I’ll set my stone on the board, and after a short period of 1 to 5 seconds, my move will be undone and I can’t submit it. If I use the analyze game or conditional move planner, if I play out a variation it will undo all moves up to where the live game is. It doesn’t even leave a branch in the analyzer.

My hypothesis is that there’s a server issue. I’m playing from Japan. I think that there is a dropped packet or something that tells the server when I’ve put down a stone. Then it does periodic status checks and resyncs my board with the server image.

I confirmed the same behavior when I opened up a demo board and just played a few moves myself. I don’t have submit move on a demo board so some of the moves stick, and other times the server will snap back and undo a few moves up to the ‘sticky’ ones.

Having the same issue right now, also from Japan. Hopefully this gets fixed soon since I play with the submit button in live games too and this could affect my games :/.

I have exactly the same issue from europe.

I’ve had this issue pop up every now and then. I’m from the US. Sometimes closing and reopening the browser helps.

Same issue in the UK.

Happens here too. For a moment, I thought I am either time travelling or just going insane (like there is a difference)

It seems to have stabilized now. This is the first time it has happened to me (I play rather infrequently). I restarted my computer and it still happened. I cleared my browser of cookies but then my partner went to bed and I forgot to check if that had any effect at the time.