Moving cursor during turn or playing variations leaves artifacts on the board

I’ve been having issues with all three standard board sizes where the following happens when I move my cursor around:

The lines are less noticeable when I fullscreen my browser, but still there. Smaller board sizes similarly have fainter lines, but never gone.

This is on Chromium 58, on Linux, with a screen resolution of 1024x600. No issues on my Windows 10 desktop with a screen resolution of 1600x900, same browser.

Could you check other browser on Linux? It’s a long shot, but I suspect this may be a bug in the way Chromium renders pre-rendered stones. Notice that stones are off to the left compared to the lines (notice the marked stone).

Actually looks like you might be right, no issues in Firefox. Anyway to fix it in Chromium, or should I contemplate hopping browsers?

Just update to the newest version and see if it helps :wink: Unfortunately from what I understand, there is no good workaround for this bug. If the browser doesn’t render the stones where it should, what can you do? :slight_smile: Sorry.

If you want to keep using Chromium, switch to plain stones - they shouldn’t be affected.

Still are unfortunately, but thanks for the advice.