Multiplayer Rengo. Any way to get out and leave the game completely?

Hi there.
When Multiplayer Rengo games came out, I waited some weeks and then took part in two of them. After a while I left, because most of the players didn’t play a move and there did (and doesn’t) happen much.
Now there are still several weeks on the clocks + pause on weekends.
So these games will block sight on my ogs games for a long time from now on for nothing.
Is there a way to get out completely? Is this discussed somewhere?
Have a good time.


Thanks a lot.
I think: While the games are without rating, it should be okay to leave them behind. (Even joining again or getting into it after first round started, could make sense from my point of view.) Anyway, I do understand 100% that there got to be a someone with free time coding any solution.

No worries if you don’t have an account, but a thumbs up here couldn’t hurt


Nice. thanks a lot !