Multiple forum accounts

On the phone? No. Let me see if I can figure how. Naturally checking out OGS was one of the first things I did with my new first ever phone so the cookie jar should have been empty anyway.

Hmm weird. There is an ogs account called kosh1 but it hasn’t been logged in since 2016

Managed to clear cookies. Logged out and back in but annoyingly, I’m still here. :wink:

This isn’t urgent but it would be nice to resolve. One Kosh is more than enough.

Well I wouldn’t go that far :wink: @anoek should be awake in about an hour hopefully he can shed a little light on it all.


No rush. Thanks for the help BHydden.

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For the record: Similar situation here: [Forum] Question About My Username though in my case it is definitely related to the use of two devices. What’s your current situation @mulsiphix & @Mulsiphix1?

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I dont believe you and Kosh1 are the same, if so, you would have like all your posts with the other account immediately :wink:

ive used the forum on my phone from the start and never had any trouble, also chrome on android, but ive also never had a second account on ogs… hmm?


I love the irony that you were the first to comment on that thread too.

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Sleeping on it. What’s the first sign of madness again?

Wouldn’t that be a kind of forums airbagging?

Once again demonstrating the prescient nature of my species. Goodnight all.


OGS turning kafkaesque: you suddenly having split personalities … @Eugene suddenly turning purple :open_mouth:

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I’ve talked to Eugene and AdamR about it and neither have any idea what to do or why this happened. Mine is definitely not related to multiple devices. Mine is likely the result of my early account creation activity.

  1. I joined OGS and created an Mulsiphix account. I may have visited the forum, I honestly cannot remember. I do know that I did not post any content.

  2. I was losing a lot and somebody messed with the stones as I was hitting OK during the scoring phase. I lost that match when I should have won. This frustrated me and I decided to create a new account, for a fresh start. I had only played 10 to 15 matches up to that point.

  3. I changed the name of the account and the email address associated with it.

  4. I created a new account named Mulsiphix and began posting on the forum. A month or so later I noticed my forum account was named Mulsiphix1.

  5. I theorize this series of events created the Mulsiphix1 account, but have no idea. To this day, it is the only account that comes up when I login to the forum. And I am positive I am not logged into the forums on any other device than this single PC.


Well there’s good news and there’s bad news. :confounded:

The good news is that I now completely understand the problem and I am able to explain, reproduce & rectify it.


Many moons ago I decided to archive my ogs account and start a fresh one so Kosh (on OGS) became Kosh.2017 and a new Kosh was born. Now for over 18 months all was well because I never logged out of forums and was only using the same device. Unbeknownst to me, the new Kosh was/is not actually linked to my forums account. When I clicked on ‘Forums’ it simply took me to forums where I was already logged in without reference to what OGS account I was using.

When I tried to use a new device and clicked on ‘Forums’, it automatically logged me in based on the open OGS account which caused it to create a new forums account. I was able to rectify this by logging out of forums & OGS, logging into the old account (Kosh.2017), clicking ‘Forums’ and then doing as I please on OGS. So I can now access my forums account from my phone. yay! :tada:

Regrettably that brings me to the bad news…

The bad news is that I’ve fallen foul of another problem while trying to sort out the first problem, so for now I’m ‘Kosh.2017’. If you don’t believe I’m me, @kickaha, just check past posts. :stuck_out_tongue:


Chapter 2: (Because nothing to do with computers should be easy.)

When I used my archived account to correctly log into forums, the system helpfully (:scream: + :boom:) did an automatic update of my forums name which is why I now appear as Kosh.2017. sigh. I can eventually fix this by giving my current OGS account a temporary name, renaming the archived account ‘Kosh’, logging out and back into forums, waiting 3 months and then restoring my OGS accounts names. You can all laugh now.


And here we have exhibit A for why you should only ever have one account on any site you care about :wink:

Kosh is dead! Long live Kosh.2017 :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Well in fairness to myself, I’m fairly certain that the forums logging procedures have changed. When I first started on OGS I had to log into forums separately and it was possible to change your forums name independently of your OGS account, or so I believe. So there was every reason for me to believe that when I started a new Kosh, I would still have access to my original forums account. I then had no reason to question that for 18 months. So I’m saying not entirely my own fault. cf. ‘Air-Crash Investigations’.

ps. on a happier note, I have improved slightly.:


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Kosh is dead. Long live Kosh.!

Kosh.2017 is dead. Long live Kosh!



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So, which one of you is the evil one?

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I feel for you Kosh. I’m sorry that you even have to deal with this aspect of the internets. I huge thumbs up for your sleuthing here. And I applaud your progress. Every little bit counts :blush:.

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Are you any closer to your answer? :stuck_out_tongue:

That depends which question you’re referring to.

I’m pretty sure this guy is the evil one:

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