Multiple games / reviews on one screen

What about a page on which you can simultaneously view and play on multiple boards. It would be really nice to be able to combine not only your games, but others’ games as well and ongoing reviews too.

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Wouldn’t multiple windows create that effect?

Yeah, but you will have to open them, resize them and move them around and you will have to do this every time you add / remove a window, which is really annoying.

Also you see a lot of information in the windows that you really don’t want to see - the menu will be on each of them for example; you might not want to see the chats for some of the games; and the board gets smaller because of these extra things that you don’t want to clutter your screen.

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Not sure how you can avoid the other stuff, but you can minimize the menu.

Hiding it still doesn’t make the board bigger. At least for me in Chrome.

I was addressing this:

Anyways, for Firefox: if the board doesn’t expand when you minimize the menu, it’s probably because there’s no space to grow vertically. If you increase the height of the window, the board should get bigger. Or you could decrease the width of the window to free up space for another window.

I don’t know how Chrome handles OGS in either Windows or OSX, so I can’t say if what I typed above would work. On my phone, the menu slides out over the board instead of pushing it to the side.

This would be a really nice feature for teachers, since sometimes playing with multiple students at the same time is practical. And viewing online tournaments would also be much nicer with something like this. (This is a heavily used feature on poker servers for instance.)

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OGS has awesome thumbnails of games, i would say it could be nice to have a page with selected games together on it. Like when you follow a tournament, or play simultaneous handicap games or a category of correspondance game…
For selecting, can pick/slide/drop down from a profile, a game, a demo, or library page…

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