Multiple notifications after AI evaluation

When I finish a game and Leela does her thing and evaluates the game I was getting two notifications when it was done. Today this jumped to 5 notification for a single game. Not a pressing bug, but annoying.



Hmm, sure shouldn’t be happening, I’ll look into it


Thanks anoek. I love this feature, btw. I know it’s early days, but I have found it helpful for showing me moves that are obvious to dans, but not to me.


Are you sure it’s all for the same game?

There’s a thing witih the notifications where, even if you close them and the blue (1) disappears, it will re-surface together with the next notification. It is not really dismissed until you click the small x in the corner for each of them.

Also, since you are a supporter, you might be getting two notifications per game: first for the top 3 moves and then another for the full review.


Happens to me too, 3 notifications once leela is done analysing a single game


The five notifications came after I had cleared my notifications.

BTW, I have a hypothesis… I seem to remember that wait for the review was very high when I got the large number of people waiting. It’s possible that the waiting queue variable has made it’s way into the notification loop (stranger things have happened) which would explain the number varying in seemingly random ways.

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Same thing happened to me… hopefully it is an easy fix. :grinning:

I’m having trouble reproducing this, if/when this happens again to anyone, if you could not clear your notifications and then let me know about it, I’ll see if I can get some more information from the notifications and try and track down the issue.

I won’t touch it or even log in until you tell me it’s okay.


Feel free to login it’s totally fine.

So to confirm, you’re saying that right now you see multiple AI review notifications for that?

Actually, no.

It’s showing only one. I was so sure it would happen I didn’t come back to the site to check. However sometimes the second one comes much later. I won’t play another 19x19 for a few hours and see it another notification shows up.

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Even stranger, while I checked the notifications, I did NOT click the ⦻ to close it.

Now it’s gone, no notification at all.

Does it disappear if you look at the Leela evaluation?

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Doesnt seem to appear more tha once anymore, weird >___<

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Hm, I don’t think it should, but sometimes I do things like that! I’ll look into it.

This just happened to me, and I haven’t cleared my notifications; in fact I currently have 4 notifications for an AI review (game: The second notification seemed to show up just when OGS did that thing it sometimes does in analysis mode, where it resets and forgets whatever analysis mode state you had (variations etc), I really have no idea what made it go up to 4 though. I did also have at least two OGS windows open at the time (I can’t promise there aren’t more on my home computer.)


Perfect, thanks @rawlins, I got what I needed. Feel free to clear your notifications.


Two notifications on review. I won’t clear them.

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Got what I need, feel free to clear, thanks!

Did you need more? If not ignore the following.

I started with 2 notification as above. Ended a game, got in a queue of 4 (later it became 3). Got two new notifications.

27%20PM 59%20PM 45%20PM

I think I don’t need any more, I should have this fixed up next week :slight_smile: thanks for the help all!