"Muted" Indicator

Is it possible to implement a feature that allows players to indicate that they have “ignore chats and private messages on”?
This could be beneficial in avoiding any unintended rudeness or misunderstandings during gameplay, while still allowing for a respectful and enjoyable experience in the Go community.

I don’t think that feature mean what you think it means?

As far as I’m aware, the only place you can select “ignore chats and private messages” is in the user-block dialog:

This means “don’t tell me about messages from this person

The usual reason for turning this on is because that person offends or hassles you in some way.

It does’t mean “you are muted” it means “that person is muted for you”.

(Note that you can’t even bring that menu up for “yourself”, to “mute yourself”).

The only way that you yourself can be muted is in the other direction: your chat can be disabled. Once again, this is not something to advertise because the most common reason is that you have been disturbing the community with your chat. Typically that’s not something to advertise.

But that is not the only reason people have their chat turned off.

Really, people have to get used to the idea that in a big world and a big site, there are people who do not want to to or are unable to chat for many reasons. It’s not rudeness if someone is not chatting. In fact, the idea that it is “rude” is cultural: not even every culture understands or thinks this.

Lack of chat is not rudeness, interpretting that way is making a cultural or other sort of understanding mistake.

It would be nice if we could find a way to make this clearer in a systemic way, as your suggestion attempts to do … unintended offense is in fact routinely experienced by people from cultures that experience this as rude, it’s definitely a problem. Suggestions for a different fix are most welcome.

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Thank you for your insight,

I mute all players to avoid distractions during gameplay. However, if they send a friendly greeting at the beginning of the game, I won’t see it and not respond. To prevent being seen as rude, I suggest implementing a muted symbol to indicate that I have muted all players. This way, they will understand that my lack of response is not intentional and that I am not ignoring them.

There is something that either I don’t understand or you don’t undersand.

As far as I know, there is no way to “mute all players”.

Unless you mean “Zen mode”?

Indicating that you have Zen Mode turned on has been discussed but it is not that easy. Zen-mode is device specific. That means you can have Zen mode turned on in your desktop, but not on your phone … or home laptop or whatever. So what would we show?

… and, this is not really true:

… if you have “muted everyone” then your lack of response is intentional and you are ignoring them. You can’t have it both ways :slight_smile:

As I said, we really need to get over the idea that this is rude. It is not.

(And we definitely could do with a systemic way of helping people understand this, if only we could work out what that is, because many people do struggle with it.)


… and if you’re really worried about it, why not type into chat “I have Zen mode turned on, I’m concentrating - see you at the other end”

You can even make that one of your standard greetings, so you don’t have to type it every time…


Well, I do understand @test3531’s concern, there’s a difference between …

  • intentionally ignoring a specific person and not responding to them,


  • intentionally ignoring everyone and not responding to them.

So, a small flag telling the opponent that “this player has turned off all chat” might really be helpful.

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Yes - I think everyone agrees “Zen mode on” sounds like would be nice to know… but it doesn’t mean what you think it means, which means … what should we do?

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