My 2 ranked wins not showing

I had 2 ranked wins earlier this year, but none of them are showing in my graph and pie chart.


My guess is you need to play more ranked games and will then get a ranking. Like 10 or maybe less

Besides you may be surprised by the rank you will get then, as the system will have very few data about you, But OGS rating is quite responsive and all will be fine after a few more games if needed.


Groin is right - however, I also find it weird that one ranked game is already shown in the chart and the graph, while these two others are not.
I would try to play more and see if then the graph will adjust and also contain these two games.


I see 3 ranked games a loss and 2 wins from the history, all in 2021.

The graph don’t give yet much information

In the statistics, only a loss is acknowledged.

Another thing to consider is that both wins are correspondance games won by timeout. So another possibility is that both opponents did a mass timeout and in that case your wins doesn’t count.


But that would be visible in the game list, wouldn’t it?

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Well usually we see a canceled and no background, yes. Thing is i don’t know if it’s done manually with the help (a check?)of a moderator or automatically?

@sflowirl: The games don’t show up because they are both part of serial timeouts. This rule applies only to correspondence games. In a string of timeouts, only the first is counted and the others are effectively annulled. They don’t display as an annulment, but that is how it works with regard to the rating/ranking system. This rule is applied automatically by the system. The reason for it is to accommodate extraordinary circumstances, such as someone being hospitalized from an accident or dying. The reason is to preserve the integrity of the ranking system. It is a controversial policy that has been much discussed in several threads in the Forums. It is sometimes used by cheaters to avoid losses, and if they are caught they are typically warned and then banned if they repeat it. You were exceptionally unlucky to experience two such incidents. It is really not very common.


Thank you, didn’t know about the mass timeout rule. Think it’s a good rule, just unlucky for both wins to be applied against me ;( No big deal though, just enjoying the game, not worry about the rank at all. Only want to report it as a possible bug.


Sure, better to report when you have a doubt.
Enjoy your games!