My 9x9 openings 12k

I played 50 9x9 games as black against opponents around 12k.
25 of them I won. This is openings tree of these games.
Please help me by reviewing this collection. Without completely replacing it)
For example which moves are the worst or how to better use the ones that acceptable…


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While not a direct answer, this seems like the kind of question you can help answer for yourself by consulting a database. There’s three 9x9 databases that I know about: (21,000 games, all levels) (12,000 games, all levels) (400 games, pro only, includes bot evaluation)

FULL DISCLOSURE: the last one’s mine.

You may find it helpful to browse one or two of these databases while awaiting a better answer. :slight_smile:


I know this is an old-thread, but in the interest of future 9x9 players, it may be noted that the second link appears dead—the site itself redirects to a French municipality

1 Like here is another one for 9x9 fuseki positions and for future 9x9 players.