My article about Go


Go is a game resembles life. You can’t win if you are too greedy, nor too timid. You have to be humble yet at the same time try as hard as you can to take initiative, gain control of game. The fact that stones have to stay together in order to stay alive resemble human life - we are social animals and can’t survive as single individual. Also, if your stones just staying together, without adventures of exploring new space, you would lose chances of developing your living condition, end up losing competition at the end. Also, the board is a limited space, the more space you gain, the less your opponent would get. This also reminds me our human living condition - a limited space, namely earth, with limited resource, caused thousands years of cruel competition. Maybe, the reason that this game was invented in China, was because that Chinese people lived in such an enclosed geographic area, isolated from other cultures, so that they had the most acute sense of this evolutionary fact, that is: limited living space with limited resource would cause human beings’ becoming the direct threat of their own kind. Well, as cruel as it sounds, Go also teaches us to live peacefully with opponents, that is, in order to stay alive, you also have to let your opponent to live as well. The best go games played were those which both sides finished with complete satisfaction, regardless their win or loss. Those who try to kill all opponents’ stones, usually always end up losing games.


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