My game is gone

Hello OGS Support,

On July 28th I started a game against a player epiphi. Recently he/she has changed the nickname to Tianji.
And apparently this somehow has triggered a game swap. Instead of my game with epiphi on my Overview page I see somebody else’s game with Tianji (the link to this game is And OGS claims that I am the one playing with white in that game.

Seeing all those ugly white shapes in the game 9518468 really hurts my feelings. Can I please have my game back?

Thank you.

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I’m certainly not in any kind of development position with OGS… but without some kind of evidence this strange occurance sounds difficult to varify.

The game exists on both your profile page and your opponents. The game information seems to be intact. Unless for some bizare reason you have records of the game before it supposedly swapped, I don’t know that anything could be done. I also can’t think of any way such a situation could come about.

I guess I’ll ping @anoek and @matburt since I guess if anyone knows if this is even possible they will.

Do you have any reference at all to what was supposedly your original game?

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I had some mind eclipse I guess.
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