My Games and Account Disappeared Briefly

Some minutes ago (about 9:25 PM EST), I went to my Home page and my active games spontaneously disappeared. I tried to go to my Profile, and got a User Not Found screen. Back on my Home page I tried to log out but nothing happened, so I closed the window and reopened it. Everything was still missing. Then spontaneously everything reappeared again. I am on an HP laptop using Windows 10 and Chrome.

What is going on?

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I had a look in the logs at that time and lo-and-behold there was some kind of server glitch at that time.

I have sent the pointer to the logs to @anoek

To my untrained eyes they seem to be saying “argh, a network connection went away for a short time”.


Someone was experimenting with a denial of service attack on us during that time unfortunately. I’m working on some protections for it…