My homepage and my profile do not load

I am not sure it’s a site problem but I’ll report it anyway.
As you can red in the title, my home page doesn’t load and it gives me an unexplained error and if I click “ok” it tells me that I don’t have any game (see the spoiler below). My profile doesn’t load too, I can see only a black background. I tried to change browser but nothing changes. Same if I try with my smartphone.



Recently I started a lot of games and it might be the cause but until yesterday everything was fine. I also had 1000+ games and I could load it, sometimes it was slower and sometimes it gave me this error, but now it’s everytime. If it’s the cause, what is the max number of games that a player can have in order to get his/her home page and profile fully loaded?

It would be nice to solve it because now I’m not able to see in which games I have less remaining time and if I want to look for a specific game I have to remember my opponent’s nick and go to his/her profile.
As I told before it might be my connection, but it would be weird I think.
Is this solvable?

🐬Sofiam🐬 this is my profile, if you want to test it.

Thanks in advance :smiley:


I can not load it also but everything just disappears

@李建澔2 i can go see your profile. all good
@_Sofiam i can go see your profile but It’s empty

my own account works well besides.

I can see all of your profile but it took half a minute to open it xD


Yes, same here. I can open it but it took about a minute. Maybe if connection drops out it restarts and due to the loading time cannot ever get there. But I’m no IT expert…

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Same here: slow as usual :innocent:, but I can get there

857 games
You have at least two days of remaining time, if the sorting is working


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Ok, thanks for having checked. It seems a problem that depends on my connection.

I guess the solution is having less games XD
Or you have something else to propose?


Having a better connection


Moving near to the server.
Where is it located? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


It doesn’t load no matter how long I wait.

If you have time to play 1000 ongoing Correspondence games, you have time to play Live games instead.

I have never played 1000 correspondence games at the same time, but I have played in dozens, while still not feeling like I had enough time to play a live game.

If I play a live game, I would like to be able to set aside at least a solid hour in order to take my time with a live game with a less tense pace. Unfortunately, that is difficult to manage even though I have plenty of smaller pockets of time, where I could make a move or two across various correspondence games, throughout the day.


I think it’s just too much for the server to handle 1k games loaded on one page. But,there was another player who did the 1000 games spicydragon and it also took a while to load the page as well. But I’m also unable to open your profile.


Playing correspondance is very convenient but i just don’t enjoy anymore going through a list of games and focus again and again.
If my time is limited i may enjoy more a 13x13 live

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I think, @_Sofiam deserves a special dolphin badge for this achievement. :grin:


@anoek Please understand this as a serious suggestion. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
If Spicydragon earned a unique dragon badge for having over 1000 correspondence games at a time, Sofiam should definitely also get a unique badge for this achievement.


Maybe the badge could somehow depict the dolphin playing Go and crushing a computer under the enormous weight of a massive stack of gobans


Has anyone made an ykyaga joke yet?..