My New Go Year

Hi folks,

Well today I started playing people not bots. So far I played 7 games and lost 7. They were all on 9x9 boards where I am not overwhelmed by choices to start the game.

Foremost in my mind was keeping my stones connected and making two eyes. That must not be enough yet. My opponent invaded my territory.

We had more or less divided the board in half vertically. I’m sure I made several errors in playing but the biggest one was not protecting my vertical line where it shifted one line to the left. I didn’t protect from a diagonal cut which actually didn’t happen for a several moves. That was a break in linking that led to several stones being captured at once. That’s when I resigned.

The good part of the game came when I reviewed it and messed around with what happened. I actually found a way to prevent the loss and capture that my opponent’s stones.

Since l am so inexperienced at go my solution probably is not realistic, but it satisfied me.



Welcome at OGS, hope you enjoy your stay.
Good that you started playing humans. They are much more fun than bots and are more diverse in their conversation.


Thanks Atorrante.

Happy you had ideas to try, really nice! Even when you don’t have go can become contemplative too.

Life and death (capture), cut and connect, yeah that’s the compendium be of the first levels and there is a lot to play with!

Review is a pleasure in itself, not very common on line but still, ask your opponent after the game some will do with happyness. Review with him is so logical indeed, because there are only two people who spent a long time together in this game

But anyway I hope you don’t rush to be stronger because later looking back, you may become sometimes nostalgic of your beginner freedom of play.


You can put your game up for review on

If you only want a few comments, though, or on a specific part of the game then it’s best to say so.

Otherwise you’ll probably get about 30–100 comments over the span of a few days, and a lot of them will be variations on “White isn’t atari’ing you; there’s no need to connect” and “You don’t need to remove these stones; they’re already trapped on the first line”.

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