My opponent has been dropped from the ladder


One of my opponents has been dropped from the ladder (timeout on another game). The game is still listed in my ladder challenges, with #-1 before his name. I keep playing this game, but it’s useless for the ladder of course, either for me or my opponent, and it prevents me to start another challenge. Should not this game be dropped from the ladder altogether?

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In such situations it would make sense for the game to continue outside the ladder, thus allowing you to issue a new challenge without resigning. The current arrangement may encourage resignations from a winning position if someone is more concerned about their ladder position than their rank.

ps: The game will come back into play if your opponent rejoins the ladder.



@Kosh You make sense, I agree. Regarding the PS, maybe I should ask my opponent if he wants to rejoin the ladder?

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I suspect the PS is why they stay in the ladder, so that if they rejoin the ladder they can continue their previous games and possibly earn back their old position rather than starting from the bottom.