My rank get pummeled, what should I do?

I played on OGS some 2 years ago and was playing several tournament games when I got into an accident and was hospitalized. After that I totally forgot about OGS until recently. But when I come back I saw my rank dropped to 30k (I was around 4k before I think), I don’t know if it’s because of penalty for lost games in tournament or from not logging in for too long. Now I can’t play with people around my level anymore. I tried playing ranked game with the bot to increase my rank again but it seems ridiculously slow. +_+

What do I do now? I don’t really want to create a new account since this account hold my old games (and some memories as well) :crying_cat_face:

You can set your rank in your profile. Your account will be provisional until you play 5 rated games though. :smile:

Thank you, but could you show me how to? I can’t find it in my profile…

xD, My apologies, go to Settings. There will be a heading titled “Profile Information.” It can be adjusted there.

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Thank you very much! It’s done :smile:

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