My rank was too high!

My rank was too high!
I’m new here, how to contact a moderator? i want to adjust my rank.
i did not change the ranking when i register this account and it become 24k

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First, welcome to the server. A Moderator will likely respond to this post before long.

Are you saying that 24 kyu is too high? You might want to review this article on Go Ranks and Ratings from Wikipedia.

24 kyu is not unreasonable for a new player who knows the rules, but little strategy.

If you have no significant exposure to Go, or are unsure of the basics, you can follow The Interactive Way To Go. When you get back you will not be far from 24 kyu.

As a new player on this server, you start with a Provisional status. This will allow your rank to move quickly while having little impact on the rest of the ranks.

Again, welcome to the server and enjoy your journey with Go.


Yeah, 24 kyu is the second lowest rank on this server. It only goes down to 25 kyu on OGS, and there’s so much flexibility in 20k+ ratings that you’re fine. You might play as well as a 22 kyu one game, and then at a 25 kyu level the next.

My rank really is too high. For some reason it is 6d. I’m ~5K on KGS. Can I get this changed? Also, I don’t understand how to contact a moderator.

Thanks for the heads up, I set you at 5k. You can find the mods in the chat, we’re the ones with the purple names.