My territory was not recognized by OGS

My opponent placed a stone in my territory when there was not a chance for him to invade. After he passed … I passed. Then whenOGS gave us the result…my territory was not marked, hence, my points were not counted.

I am fairly new to OGS Was I supposed to take his stone prisoner? And is it that the standard? When the opponent pass… and one got many prisoners …do I need to take them for that territory to be counted as mine?

I assume this is the game: jastermereel12 vs. Orquideaflor

Certainly not, passing was the right choice. You do not have to surround dead stones in your territory for them to count as prisoners.

After both players pass the scoring phase starts. During this phase both players are supposed to check if the groups are marked correctly and if they both agree on the status of alive or dead groups. You can change the status by clicking on the groups or the territory they surround. Your opponent than has to confirm. The computer is wrong on occasion.


Yes, correct that was the game. I had another one like that a while ago. I had a huge amount of points and instead they went to my opponent. That was rather shocking!
I have another question. Do prisoners count as 1 point or 2 points? Thank you!

Talking about Japanese rules: prisoner counts for one point, if the territory beneath the prisoner remains yours, that’s another point for the territory.

In Chinese scoring prisoners do not count for any points.

thank you.