My total failure


I was wondering if someone could review this opening:

By move 32 I (white) had lost all ideas and had no idea how to respond. Obviously it was over by then.

Is there something I missed? Do I just suck?


the opening is hard to get right. mine still stinks. a few things to think about

  • c11 and l2 were too small and in gote, as evidenced by the fact that B was free
    to take the stunningly large points at r17 and k10

  • its too difficult to track the global board state and line it up with the perfect joseki choice…but after F16 you should have had a kind of ‘hey wait a minute’ moment about the size of blacks moyo and thought about spoiling it. move 21 is already getting late

  • i don’t track joseki very well, but i think c14 really put you in a bad spot. f17 ended up buying you nothing, and the resulting position on the left side was pretty weak.

thats all it takes to put you way behind, a botched corner and two gote moves.

Thank you for your effort and advice. I will try to think that over.