My username is banned

I want to make an account with my real name but the site did not allow it. I can only suppose that my name (conormcmahon) contains a rude word in spanish (coño) which is triggering the filter. Would it be possible to change the filter or maybe create an account for me bypassing the filter?

Nope, not banned. Proof: I just created it. Yea, I did add capital letters for flair. (Could be changed back to lowercase or something completely different altogether once a month anyway.)

But there’s also an acc called conormcmahonspeedrun, sure that one isn’t yours?

Edit: I’ll release the login for a hefty sum :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: :rofl:.


That’s wierd, I’ve just tried again and it says it is offensive. How did you do that, did you create an account with username and password as usual or change a different account, maybe created with google or email, to that name?

Edit: the other account is me (I’ve just realised I’m signed in on it) because I made that with my email but I want conormcmahon by itself

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Thanks for the password to the account, i changed the name to something else and renamed my main account. However it didnt let me use all lowercase which is what I have on most websites… can a mod please change my username on this account to conormcmahon no capitals?


Yup, done. :slight_smile: