My youtube channel

Most of you probably already know and have played against me. (I am kinda the human wiht more games here :sweat_smile: )

This message is to inform you that I opened a youtube channel that talks mostly (but not only) on this game and in English

This is the link to the channel

If you have time, please give it a glance and some advices on how I can improve it.
Thanks in advance
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I subscribed but I don’t understand Italian so I don’t know what you are talking about.Also is that your face in the vids or not yours?
Suggestions are upload content daily or have a plan like every Tuesday and Saturday.Watch YouTube videos about how to grow your channel which doesn’t have much subs (unlike me)

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Hello,thanks for your answer.
I did some videos in italian in the beginning and I will leave them, but I have already published some material in english and I will continue in english.
Yes, that face is me :slight_smile:

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Personally you find a few games or topics then you basically stick with it. What editing apps are you using? I know that a few you tubers that have about 100 subs uses YT studio

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Good luck with the channel! :slightly_smiling_face:

I suggest (although I don’t know stuff):

  • having a few written points to glance at during the video, it helps with flow.
  • better aligned boxes (it doesn’t matter to everyone, I’m mildly OCD :-)).
  • having a theme for videos, but don’t start overly ambitious video series until you find out what you enjoy.
  • commit to a schedule that works for you, but don’t overcommit.
  • search for advice on how to improve your channel and don’t focus solely on how to grow your channel (I see lots of times new channels morph into the same format and not be enjoyable because they are just looking for the formula to make fast money on YT).
  • have fun with it, you’re so good at Go, share the joy. :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep posting your videos here. :slight_smile:


Greetings from Italy.

You have interesting content but some editing might do you good. I just watched your game with @starline (hey you’re famous!) and I think a good thing would be to comment on a game in analysis mode rather than live. This would allow you to give more rhythm to what you say and maybe pause the game, ask questions and then answer them (a good thing to remember for the visuals is that people love mysteries, but they’re too lazy to solve them).

Good luck with your channel.


I am usually more willing to watch live commentary than game review.


Perhaps @Starline should be added to this list. I’ll patiently rejoin the autograph queue. :wink:

I agree with Samraku. I find live commentary much more engaging than game reviews.


It depends on the game and the people.
I prefer Dwyrin’s reviews (I find his explanations and overarching theme during a review better), Yeonwoo’s live commentary (I find her presenting her thoughts as the game progresses better). But admittedly I can’t read so I understand live commentary is more appealing to stronger players.


I think both can be good, but I think game reviews seem harder to pull off. For a game review to be engaging to me, I think that the reviewer needs to have a clear plan and actively work to keep the viewer engaged from beginning to end. I do think Dwyrin does an excellent job at this, but to make an engaging live commentary, I think you just need to keep talking; the natural flow of the game takes care of engagement to a large extent as long as the audio doesn’t go dead. :smile:


Subscribed! :slightly_smiling_face:

Vai Sofia! :smile:


The microphone you’re using has some interference, sometimes it doesnt pick up your words and has very bad sound quality.

I also like watching live commentary more, thats because reviews can be quite boring (and meaningless) if they are not from some really high-level game.


I have more subs than u (^-^) .You can find some sponsors or company’s to work with to earn more money.

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What is your channel?

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I meant the channel name.

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You can use the link symbol in the editor:


Or you can type them as [text](


This vid is a pretty good one but I prefer having a game going on in the background which will make it a bit more interesting to most people and can also get some extra watch time.


Hello and thanks for your answers :slight_smile:
I have a question for you: what would you like/prefer to see on my channel?

  • 9x9 full tournaments
  • 9x9 single games
  • 19x19 single games
  • My 19x19 game review
  • Subscribers’ reviews
  • Professional reviews
  • One colour go
  • Teaching videos for beginners
  • Joseki analysis
  • Speech videos
  • Non go-related videos (please comment)
  • Other (please comment)

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Thanks in advance!

P.S. I will do something “special” at 50 subscribers!

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maybe you can film game with other go variants ideas in the govariants group.for the 50 subscribers special i would really want a video like staying in my bedroom for like four hours (bring anything you want to the room).

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I like your corrs-blitzruns, those are fun to watch ^^