Name changes and $ for OGS operation

The constant name changes confuse users and encourage behavior that borders on trolling. The really long names that take up too much space are a problem as well.

I suggest that OGS adopt a Tygem-like solution to the name changes and long names. Charge $$$ for them. This way, when semi-trolls change their names or make super long names, they will at least be paying to support the server.


Seems harsh. i think there should be X number of free changes then. say 2


1 or 2 free changes seems fine. I would be down with that. The key is to constrain the ability to make changes.

However, given that most servers don’t allow names changes at all (and the few that do charge for them), it doesn’t seem all that harsh to me even if no free changes are allowed. After all, it wouldn’t be a penalty but a product for sale.

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A limited number of free changes should be available to mitigate sock puppet accounts. Those seem to be a way of life our KGS.

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