Name of windows

In OBS studio, we can link a window if we got the title of it.
if two windows have the same name it can get some trouble to link to the good one.
In OGS, you name the windows “white to play” or “game is over” so some trouble happens because it is too common.

The idea would be to put the name of the players into the title so we cannot have any doubt =)

Many thanks for your work and keep going !

Loïc L aka Vaurien


@anoek @matburt @GreenAsJade
Is this possible and/or easy and/or as beneficial as it seems? :slight_smile:

I imagine you mean for this to be optional, since the current headers are good for us non-streamers.

Yeah, for non-streamers it is not an issue for sure but this realy ease life if we want to stream with some tool in OBS :wink:
I do not know how hard it is to change this kind of thing so that’s why I created this topic. If it’s not that hard then I would really love this feature to change (at less for me)

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The issue is that right now it is far easier to stream with KGS which names the windows thanks to the name of players…
But to me and some people it would be really nice if we can do it with OGS

All the best,

Loïc L - Grenoble Go Club


A lot of people stream on OGS and they don’t seem to have any issues. Perhaps ask them what their technical setups are.

The thing is to stream with several windows (like broadcast games in a tournament). I foreseen to do so with the international tournament of Grenoble :wink:

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I have submitted a PR.

You will need to ask @anoek if it can be approved and deployed in time for your tourney.




@GreenAsJade not sure if it is relevant, but can you confirm that the window’s name remains unique after the game has ended?

It does.


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Good show!

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All right, many thanks for that :smiley:
If you come to Pisa, I owe you a beer ! (or anything to share ;p)


Thanks @GreenAsJade for making that happen! Your PR has been merged and deployed.


@vaurien Make sure you let us know when your tourney is being streamed :slight_smile:


one of the mods will be happy to throw up a banner on the site for you :slight_smile:

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yeah I’m sure of that – I have to move russian minds from keeping on playing on kgs and come to OGS :stuck_out_tongue:

but even if this doesn’t work this time I’ll make it happen with other people (coz’ OGS is the best ;p)


That’s why we made the change :smiley: :+1:

(Thanks @anoek for processing it so promptly!)


So @vaurien: how did it all work out?

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Hey, it worked really well with games but not for reviews :slight_smile:
Would it be possible to do so ?

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