Napster's music sharing thread. Chit chat and linkz

Thanks for the information my dude. I shall bare that in mind.

I’m trying to think of music to suggest to you, but I’m unsure of what to really give you. I’m in to a lot of weird music… and a lot of mainstream music too. I shall have a think. Unless you like Mongolian Metal music, and if you to… look up a band called The HU, Their song Wolf Totem is pretty damn good.

I shall peep it after this migraine

Its a reminder of the Mongolian empire :3
Or a perfect skyrim song
Or something to scare lil rich old white ladies :rofl:

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Yeah my mother was none to fond of the Mongolian music, and she is in to other metal bands. If you liked the HU then you can also look up a Scandinavian band called Sklad. Their music, is sorta similar, but also completely different. Try out the song Valhalla, you will see what i mean.

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I’m a big fan of the defunct English band Pulp. They had some really iconic britpop songs in the 90s like Common People and Do You Remember the First Time. But also, in the 80s they made some songs that are what I’d call “beautifully disturbing” like Aborigine and most of their songs in their album Separations. In general their earlier work has a more morbid theme, until their breakthrough album His & Hers in the early 90s.

It’s my personal, perhaps biased, view that the four most original bands are all English: the Beatles, Joy Division, The Smiths, Pulp. Imo there have been no original mainstream bands since then.

Original and mainstream are hard to pull off. ^^"
The more original you get the more “alternative” xD

Liiiiiinkz plz :3

OK then, how about a tour of some good Pulp songs that show their musical progression?

From their first album, It, 1983.

Wishful Thinking shows their early interest in instrumental guitarwork, one of the ways in which they were influenced by Joy Division.

Blue Girls is a rather slow and haunting song.

From their second album, Freaks (with the brilliant subtitle Ten Stories about Power, Claustrophobia, Suffocation and Holding Hands), 1987.

Being Followed Home is perhaps Pulp’s darkest song. You can hear Jarvis Cocker using spoken-word vocals, which he also used on several other songs at this time.

They Suffocate at Night is another example of Pulp’s skill at making a slow, gloomy song that at the same time stays fresh to the listener.

From their third album, Separations (1992):

Don’t You Want Me Anymore shows the band moving to a more upfront, bombastic style.

Countdown is fast-paced and bold.

From their “breakthrough” album, His ‘n’ Hers (1994) which was the first to receive mainstream attention:

Lipgloss is one of the first songs to show the “new Pulp”: processed and packaged, with an upbeat and commercial sound.

Do You Remember the First Time is one of Pulp’s most iconic songs, and one of the most defining singles of the 1990s.

From their fifth album, Different Class, 1995, which is full of brilliant and timeless songs:

In the popular imagination, this is the Pulp song: Common People is the pinnacle of Pulp’s commercial and iconic success, to the extent that only a month ago it was parodied with recordings of Jacob Reese-Mogg.

From their sixth album, This is Hardcore, 1998:

The Fear shows the more jaded, cynical tone expressed by Pulp following their energetic fifth album.

Sylvia reverts a bit to the earler feel of the songs in Separations. [EDIT: No it doesn’t, I totally misremembered this song.]

From their seventh and final album, We Love Life (2001):

Jarvis returns to experimental spoken-word vocals in this throwback song.

The Trees is a slow-paced classic.

And one more for luck:

One of Pulp’s last songs is one of the most interesting: Wickerman is a rich, contemplative spoken-word track in which Jarvis takes us on a journey through the city of Sheffield.


Im working through em :slight_smile:

That album too gud.

Here is a magnificent rebooted mash of old styles by a little-known band. I have 3 of their CDs, including this one. Of course, I also love Dixieland Jazz, which helps. 36 numbers here, with a pause between each.

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This seems like it needs to be in fallout new vegas :wink:

I had to look up “fallout new vegas.” So you think this would be background music?

Background sounds derogatory, more like tone setting. :slight_smile:

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You also have to play it :0

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