Nation VS GO(Baduk)

Here are some quotes from GO Seigen:

Go was originally born in China, but it declined with the rise and fall of China’s national power. Many famous Go players appeared during the Qing Dynasty, especially during the Qianlong period, but Go also declined with the decline of the dynasty. After all, when a country is in chaos, its culture stagnates and declines.

In the 20th century, Go was developed in Japan and it was the strongest country in the world. However, since ten years ago, China and South Korea have become increasingly powerful, and Japan has lost its position as the “best.”

The ancient Chinese book “Yijing” has a saying, “The sun comes again and restores the heart of heaven.” This “sun comes again” uses the thinking method of yin and yang, meaning that after reaching the extreme of yin, it will soon change to yang. Therefore, in China, there is a day called “Winter Solstice,” which is a festival celebrating the end of winter and the transition to spring. Everyone prays and celebrates, hoping that the sun will come back.

That is to say, just like the cycle of seasons, the world is also a cycle of prosperity and decline, and once it reaches the extreme decline, it will also recover. This is the natural form. If you think about it this way, which country is the strongest in Go is not a big problem, what is important is to have a spirit of mutual love and respect, mutual assistance, and international friendship.

To further elaborate, there is also a paragraph in the “Yijing,” which reads: “Yi Qiong Ze Bian, Bian Ze Tong, Tong Ze Jiu.” There is also a similar expression in Japanese, “Qiong Ze Tong,” but it omits the important word “change.” In order to “connect,” “change” is the most important thing, which is what ancient Chinese books tell us.

This sentence is suitable for anything in life or in the world.

Upper two lines are the word’s nation in Chinese, pronounced “Guo”
Lower two lines are the word’s surrounding in chinese,pronouced “Wei”,but in Japanese is “Go”

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Which one you’ll like?圍#Japanese囲#Japanese
There is no “Go” pronouncement here

it’s “i”

Go is from碁

Here Go at Sensei's Library

I’m not sure which one should be the original.

Seigen said Nation’s power equivalent to Go player’s playing power.(and I think much more people mean’s better)

and Nation’s Chinese word pronounce like Guo, similar to Go.

Doesnlt matter which nation.

I found this :碁 - Dong Chinese dictionary

碁 seems not as old as 围 - Dong Chinese dictionary

and are from



but is different symbol, it is not variation of , no sense to compare

I think is Board and Stone
is stone.

is stone , part of

- to surround, encircle, nothing about stone or board


Chinese character is like a picture.

Here is my imagination. :smiling_face:

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