Need api call for just started games (only first 0-5 moves)

hi Developers!
Help me plz.
I try write addon for OGS where will be showed just started games.
I have found this - - but it is not that I want.(by today more 5000 pages with game - it is soo many reqests)
I need the call that Response is list of games at the outset or filter for this request.
Plz give me nice api call.
Good game/

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Note that you can include a timestamp, so for instance:

This also adds the condition that the “ended” field is null which it will be if the game hasn’t ended.

That should get you a list with which you could pare down what you need… you can add the query parameter “page_size” to control the number of results that are returned (note that there is an upper limit to page size)

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