Need context aware help documentation

I think OGS could really benefit from improved documentation. For example, when looking at my profile page it would be great to have a “?” (help) widget on the Statistic section that explains the graph, the numbers on the axes, etc. Also one on the rank section explaining the different ranks and how they work. On the game page there could be one on the clocks explaining exactly how the chosen clock works. For example, what exactly is “39h + 2wk / 0 / 14” ?

Another way to go would be to have per-page documentation and just put the help widget in a standard place on each page. It’s a little less flexible that way I guess.

To me this seems like higher priority than new features like auto-match.

Thanks for listening.


I definitely agree with you! Love the place, but there are huge room for improvement when it comes to the documentation. Especially for newbies who aren’t just new to Go, but often to Go online as well.

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Documentation is important, but automatch is even more important. Having smooth easy ways to find games is vital. Actually getting a suitable game easily is one of the hurdles OGS has not quite cracked yet.

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I filed for this.