Need help to improve my middle game

I am reasonably good in the opening, but tend to get lost in the middle game. In particular, I feel I need help with:

  • Direction of play
  • Using influence

I’m 15kyu at the moment, but have been as high as 13kyu.

Is anyone willing to give me a teaching game? I prefer live games, and my timezone is GMT.

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I can do a correspondence game, if you’d like.

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After my first teaching game, it was pointed out that my mid-game suffers a lot from poor shape and I was recommended to watch Dsaun’s Shape Lecture.

Although it is about 3 hours long, the lecture is only 45 minutes and it is followed by 7 game reviews illustrating how some of the shapes in the lecture are used in real games. For players at my level, it is well worth watching if you haven’t already. You don’t have to watch it all at once.

I will probably also re-read “Shape Up!”, which is available in the Other Go Resources section on this site.


Thanks for the offer of a game. I don’t usually play correspondence. I tried it once, but resigned after a few days because it was far too slow for me.

However, it may work for a teaching game. Would we discuss the moves during the game rather than in a review afterwards?

Yep, that’s how I’ve done it in the past.

I’m also more of a fan of live, in general, but being able to take notes and discuss moves is good for learning. Plus, I’m on PST so a live game would be impractical :slight_smile: I’m just “ckersch” outside of the forum, if you’d like to send me a challenge.

Another disaster!

Didn’t play the opening well , and then I just got lost.

The real disaster is that the game is private. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I didn’t realise that the game was private. The privacy setting is not visible in the custom games listing, or in the game information page.

I have uploaded it to the SGF library and edited the link.

Fortunately, I have just won a game against a 15k. I played much better.

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Your opponent didn’t strike me as terribly 17k.

Thanks for the variations.

I didn’t play like a 15k. I totally lost sight of the whole board perspective. Sacrificing a few stones would have left me in a good position.

Perhaps I should avoid fast time settings?

I don’t know what the time settings were, but in case it was a fast game, remember what fast games are good for. Practicing tactics and getting used to making tough decisions under time pressure. Elaborate strategy is not on the menu.

Pick simple ideas and support them with good shape. Forget about points, focus on thickness. If (over the course of many games) you notice that you’re giving your opponents too much leeway, play riskier by opting for more scattered groups with lighter shape.


The time setting was Fischer: Clock starts with 2 minutes and increments by 10 seconds per move up to a maximum of 2 minutes. On OGS, I usually use Byo-Yomi with 30 sec periods of extra time.

Thanks for the advice, I might still accept a few fast games.