Need help with joseki (3d looking for modern joseki help)

Hi all,
Im like 3 dan(a pretty weak one) but i never study joseki(you’ll be surprised by how little i know), and tons of new variations came out after ai, so like i need a joseki master to show me the wae. Ive been destroyed so many times by sus tricks out of the opening, and i feel like i can up 1-2 rank if i dont fall into stupid traps too early. Also im tired of avoiding complex variations just cuz i dont know shit, all my games look identical(no cap), hopefully i can expand my arsenal and trick ppl like me who are too lazy to study joseki.

Welcome on the forum.
OGS has a nice joseki tool still being work on it you can access via the main menu of OGS.

Besides you can check the puzzles section and. The forum has topics just use the search function.

All in all you can find here a bunch of updated materials (meaning taking in account the AI revolution)


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From In-Seong’s lecture, I got the impression you need a strong teacher to teach you the updated joseki. The alternative is explore it manually with AI or from pro games.

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Waltheri’s pretty good if you can tolerate a year’s theory lag, which I don’t think should be an issue at 3d.

Yeah, the thing with studying with only ai is that ai only shows you what’s good but it can’t explain to you why they’re good. Additionally, in order to know which variation fits best in different settings, having a teacher is much more efficient. Plus ai doesn’t really teach you the opening traps, no?(correct me if im wrong) So i think it’s either an opening expert or books with modern joseki variations/opening tricks with detailed analysis of when to use them and why they’re good/bad. I will look into them myself, in the meantime if anyone has any book suggestions or is willing to help, im all ears :slight_smile: