Need Help With My Book

I began writing a book on Honte with Tokumoto last summer and haven’t touched it since Nov, and now I can get back to it.

A few of you have helped me out immensely and have read it over and given some tips to improve it, but now I feel like since I can put some effort into it in July/Aug, I would like more feedback before I devote two full months to it.

Anyway, here it is. [Update 2: Chapter 3: History update]

Note: It’s a massive work in progress, and I decided to do each section/chapter in a different style. If you find some approaches/writing styles work well or poorly, please let me know and I can re-write the bad ones and use your feedback for future topics.


“Rank of at least 15k” at 3rd paragraph.
Oh, well, it was good while it lasted. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wish you the best in your endeavor :slight_smile:


I wrote that part like right when I started writing because I didn’t want to have to include things like eyes, what is territory, liberties, corners->sides->centre, etc…

It’s not a hard limit and I’m gonna remove that line right now.


Oh no, I wasn’t being critical, I was joking. I could give my humble opinionated opinion about the content in general, but I don’t find it a bad thing to limit your audience to people that are solid DDK.

Also, when I reach 15k it will be a finished project reviewed 4 times and I will get to read the most polished edition. :slight_smile:


This looks amazing. I can help with grammar, style, and spelling. Could you send me a text-editable version?


TeX file


Overleaf is a nice tool for collaborative TeX editing. It also has dropbox integration if you want to sometimes work offline in your own editor/environment.

May I also suggest that you consider the Creative Commons, especially since you already seem willing to share the content and source.


Wow just read a couple pages and this looks like an incredible piece of work! I’ll try to read it and help if I can!


I should add that if you have any examples from your own games you want me to look at or add, I’d be happy to.

Games I’m looking for have…

  1. Fights where you lost,
  2. Groups you attacked severely,
  3. Your groups that were attacked and you didn’t know what to do,
  4. Times where you knew you could attack, but didn’t know how.

Rank doesn’t matter.