Need help

I first heard Go in a comic, so I played it. I learned 2 things that day:
1: I love this game
2. I actually stink
I stunk so bad I had to do custom settings it the AI and it still beat me. That was August. now I am a little better and looked at the rules, but I knew needed help when I signed up and lost by 175 points.
Any tips with anything would help. I am open to doing a game almost any time.
Thank you!


Same experience for pretty much everyone.

I posted this, not too long ago, on this topic: Your beginnings with Go?

I think it still applies. Once you get to 20k, then you realise you’ve only just started.

I hear they say the same about when you get to 1D too :wink:



Been there done that. :slight_smile:
I’m almost completely self-taught from books. Started with:
‘Go: A Complete Introduction to the Game’ by Cho Chikun &
‘Graded Go Problems for Beginners, Vol1’ by Kano Yoshinori.
My book collection has grown a little since but those two volumes will get you off to a flying start imho. Good luck and enjoy the journey.


A handy dandy list of online Go resources for beginners :slight_smile:


I would recommend Jonathan Hop for new players, (his ten minute go series, though you can skip through several of them as they are just explaining rules.) Then, once you have mastered his content, move on to Nick Sibicky, who in my opinion is one of the best go teachers out there.
Here are the links to their channels.
I hope this helped,


If you want, add me to friends and shoot me a PM when you see me online, we can play a few teaching games