Need to validate my email even when i used google account to log-in

Do not see a reason why to require email validation for users who used google to log-in. Currently when i play i see “Chat will be enabled once your email has been validated”

It looks like you added an email address to your account. This probably confused the system. The easiest way to become able to chat is probably to just verify this email address (if you haven’t done it yet).

And yes, it’s odd.

I didn’t add email address. Just clicked log in with google. Sure i already verified email manually and can chat now, is not a big deal at all just a minor improvement.

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I made an account in March but I didn’t put in my email and chat is still enabled.

I think it is a bug. My guess is that it is something like if you sign in and out among multiple days, you might gain access to that feature. My GPs also can chat, and I never put an email in for them. I have signed in and out of them throughout multiple days though.


I’ve never signed out of my account, there was no reason to I only use one device and have no other accounts.