Negative komi indicator

A small bug: when komi is negative, both plus and minus signs are displayed.


I think one could argue it’s not a bug :stuck_out_tongue:

Saying X+(-2.5) is pretty much the same as X-2.5.

In some cases it might be less confusing as is. I would think of it as adding a negative komi, not subtracting a positive one :slight_smile: Though people would probably say reverse komi rather than negative komi.

It might be slightly visually nicer to replace the + with a - when komi is negative and just keep the positive value, but then one can also see the plus as a visual indicator of the komi ( + ← → adjustment). :slight_smile:

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Is this better?

Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 2.44.44 PM


I think so. :slightly_smiling_face:

TBH I am not so sure. The plus minus looked odd, but exactly that makes me aware somthing is odd. (It is after all!) The minus alone looks very similar to just a hyphen between captures and komi. I might miss that it’s negative. (TBH I don’t mind much either way, just playing devils’s advocate. Most of my games are decided by much more than komi anyway.)

Another option would be to show it as + 2.5 on Black’s player card :smile:

(I also don’t care much either way, just mentioning the third option for completeness)


This is the clearest solution I think. And a sensible interpretation of “reverse Komi”

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show it as + 2.5 on Black’s player card

I agree with teapoweredrobot: ​ This seems like the best solution.

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