Nerf corners

Can corners be nerfed


Okay, older guy had to look this one up.
Is this what you mean?

Can you elaborate on your question?

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I think they’re saying corners are OP


Can confirm that the lack of corners makes toroidal Go surprisingly challenging and interesting, having played it a fair bit recently in groups/leagues. :slight_smile:

—and recommend the variant as a fun challenge/perspective change from standard Go. ^^


What’s that? :older_man:
You young folk with all your newfangled terms. :stuck_out_tongue:


Already a cylinder go has no corner (but edges). May be a bit easier to visualize.



Overpowered. If something in a video game is unbalanced people may want it to be nerfed if it’s overpowered or buffed if it’s under powered.



Nerf Corners <=> Buff Center (?)


Or calculate komi only after first 4 stones are placed. Then any opening is equally effective.

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This type of term(ie. nerf, op) has been used for at least a decade or two. Though it’s mainly used in online gaming.

So I guess you didn’t play them games back in the day.

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You seem to imply that 2 decades is a long time …

Oh these youngsters!


I think that is the problem; they are still not familiar to me: nerf rings a faint bell, but OP (Edit: meaning too powerful) is quite new to me.

Is this a request for action or a request for information (or something else altogether)? Are you asking a question about tactics, rules or technology (or something else altogether)? Are you asking about standard Go or a possible variant (or something else altogether)? If you can expand and clarify the question it is more likely to lead to the discussion / answer(s) you want!


I took it as a joke; the sort of thing you might find on the features we all secretly wish were on OGS thread


I think it is totally reasonable to assume people know these words; if they don’t know them, they can learn them from context like everyone did virtually every word of their native language they know, or look them up

Play with handicap? With Chinese rules you can put all the stones more to the center as in the corner.

One common way is to draw a line separating the board in 2 parts from the middle of the edge. Or put a ponnuki in the middle of the board.

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That just makes corners even harder to invade.

I’m thinking just using a graph which increases connectivity around corners to 5 liberties per point, while reducing the points in a corner by a few. The rest of the board would still be the standard square lattice, but corners would be worth a bit less, and be a bit easier to make dame

EDIT: the previous post did not originally include the qualifier about non-standard fixed handicap placement: it is that original wording which my first paragraph is in reply to

Sorry i had not completly finished to write the post.

Your post is right with Japanese rules handicap system.

And I don’t begrudge you that, but I needed to clarify the situation as your edits made my first paragraph look like a strawman