New AlphaGo book Michael Redmond (and upcoming stream)

I just noticed the AGA/USGO post about the new series of books by Michael Redmond and Chris Garlock

Volume 1 is out now. The links also mentions they’ll be discussing it on stream thursday and review the AlphaGo Lee Sedol games. Apparently it’s coming up to four years since the games!


Anyone bought it? What do you think?

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I bought it. I was gonna write a mini review but haven’t had the time and haven’t gotten all the way through the book.

I like it - it has background info to the games - talking to deepmind visiting Korea, some nice photos and things. Bits of go history too.

Has commentary from the time and new comments on the game 2018-2020, and some consulting with leelazero. It has links to the games and game reviews on deepminds YouTube.

It also has links to download the sgf files with the commentary in them.

I’ll update when I remember more - just to get a reply down.


I’d put it in a new thread but I suppose it’s related,

The AlphaGo documentary is on Deepminds YouTube channel as of yesterday it seems.


Apparently Michael and Chris will be discussing game 2 on usgoweb twitch Sunday (today) at 7pm EDT.

Previously they discussed game 4 on stream after a vote, when the book was released (if I remember correctly)