New Android app for playing on OGS


I tried 0.7 and it crashed immediately on starting on my phone. 0.8 doesn’t crash, but doesn’t show the “my games” list - I just see a spinning circle.


Great! It works on my ALCATEL 5022x :slight_smile:


Nice feature: the zooming feature is nice.

Main issue: I made a mistake when I placed a stone through the app. Only one click is supported. If it support "submit " button , then the mistake can be corrected.
One click may be fine for live games, but for corresponding games, actually 2 clicks is better to avoid mistakes.


I get the same as you. Version 0.7 crashed and version 0.8 logs in but never successfully loads “my games”.


Sorry guys. I don’t know why the games list will not load for you. If one of you is willing to change your password to something random and pm it to me then I can try to reproduce the issue.


Same here, game list doesn’t load on a Sony Xperia Z3C.


I know this app is pre-alpha right now, but is there a way to get move confirm/ move confirmation?


This is on the wish list in my github issues, but to be honest I don’t have a lot of motivation to work on this at the moment. The app does everything that I want it to. I have had several requests for this feature, so it will be at the top of the list when I work on the app again.


Sounds good. Other than the request, chat is also buggy


I’m not sure about the advantages of an app instead of using the browser, but I would be very much interested in a tool to get notifications about moves on my phone.


New version is out.

This release fixes an issue that was causing the games list not to load, so if you were affected by that please give it another try. If the games list still does not load, the app should now crash rather than silently eating the error. This will make it easier for everyone to report the problem so that I can fix it.

I believe this release also fixes the problem with not being able to send chat messages.

Finally, the app is now listed in F-Droid for those who would prefer to get the app there. Currently only v0.8 is listed but v0.9 should be up within 24 hours. You will probably need to uninstall the app first before installing from F-Droid because the private key used to sign the package is different between the two versions.


  • Fix a bug that would cause my games to not show up
  • Fix a bug where chat messages could not be sent


Due to an error on my part v0.9 never made it to F-Droid. But now v0.9.1 is up which fixes a crash.

You can grab it here:

Also I have begun working on the long-awaited submit button as well as automatch for the next version. Stay tuned for it in the next few weeks. :slight_smile:


  • Fix a crash when user has an absolute time limit game


Started using this recently. Still using update 0.8 so not sure if the newer ones have a submit button yet but will definitely use it a lot once the submit button is there :slight_smile:

EDIT: RTWFF >.< submit button still on its way! waiting patiently <3


Version 1.0 is out! :beers:

Grab it on F-Droid:

This release brings the long awaited submit button. Make sure to go into the settings to enable it if desired.

The other big change is replacing the create a game screen with the new automatch buttons.


  • Add preference to require submit button
  • Add preference to disable sounds
  • Replace create challenge with automatch
  • Fix some crashes


It would be nice if it allowed all the options, like creating correspondence games, or challenging another player (including bots), or custom games in general.


I was wondering; the last two releases (0.9.1 and 1.0.0) are only available on F-Droid. Will this continue to be the case or will you be uploading releases to github as well?


I agree it would be nice. I’m trying to strike a balance between simplicity, usefulness, and time to implement. I’ve thought about being able to create correspondence challenges, but then you need a way to to delete the challenge if you change your mind. It gets messier than I would like. Creating a correspondence challenge happens rarely, so it’s not something that I want to spend much time on.

Is there any reason to have both? I don’t mind building the release like before, but I don’t know what benefit it would bring.


I originally had some hesitations around downloading F-Droid. Since then I have downloaded it and updated to your latest version, but there may be others who are following you on github and may not want to follow the same project in two locations to get the updates.


@nathanj439 I don’t know where’s your preferred place for bug reports, but I’ve been having problems with the timer.

I play mostly correspondence games, with Fischer settings. Every time I enter a game, the timer acts as though it had been full to begin with. It doesn’t matter whether I have only 8 hours left, the clock still shows 71:59:59 and counting.

Thought you’d like to know. Please, do tell me if you’d rather have this kind of reports somewhere else.


I’ve installed the app on both of my phones (S7 and S7 Edge) and it runs fine most of the time. I only experience problems on startup where it will show the main screen and then crash immediately. From that point, restarting has worked every time. I’ll keep you updated on anything else I come across.

I am also an android app developer.