New Beginner Looking for a Teaching Game

Hi. I just found Go a few weeks ago and am completely hooked. I would really appreciate at teaching game to help break me out of the patterns I seem to have fallen into. Thank you!

Im new as well but have been working on my game. Ill be happy to play a few games and see if we both learn something new

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If you see me around, you can ask me.

If you select private when you make a game offer, no one will be able to help with this game besides your opponent, so maybe not the best way to learn something :slight_smile:

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I’d be happy to give you a teaching game sometime if you’re interested.

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I’m happy to help also. It would need to be a correspondence game but I can play fast correspondence if you can!

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Thank You. How do we get it started?

Sure. How do we start. Is there a way to challenge a specific player?

Hover over his name, pop up a box with choices, including challenge in the OGS site (not the forum)
You can search a player’s name, they usually have the same as in the forum
Here’s more details (but a bit outdated):

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Sure, if you challenge me to ta correspondence game, I can try my best to show you a few things :wink: