New (better!?) sorting for active games

I recently contributed a series of changes for how “active games” are sorted, when sorted by the “Clock” column. The games are now sorted by:

  1. Player’s turn? (yes, then no)
  2. Paused? (no, then yes)
  3. Time remaining on player’s clock

The “Opponent’s Clock” column is similar:

  1. Opponent’s turn? (yes, then no)
  2. Paused? (no, then yes)
  3. Time remaining on opponent’s clock

Please let me know here if you see a case where the sort isn’t working like that!

(Already fixed a regression in the mini-goban view).


Awesome! And thanks for fixing my entry page :slight_smile: :pray:

A new rising star :star: on the OGS OpenSource front end :smiley: :star:

Say, can you, perchance, also do some magic on the Watch page? I have a 27" Retina display … and there it looks like this (I have OGS set to 85% zoom):

Terrible waste of space, innit so? :smiley: I’d love to have those miniatures flow to fill the available space.

IIRC I’ve asked for such a feature before but more important things have always been, uhm, more important, and while you’re already fiddling with such things maybe you can <cough> simply <cough> strew some magic fairy dust on that part of the code? :grimacing:


Heh, yeah, looks pretty squished :). Not quite sure what would need to change there, but next time I’m poking around I might take a look!

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the thumbnails jump around when you open the overview page with many ongoing games, see

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The reason this happens is that the sort order updates as the gobans connect through. Before the change, sorting paused games correctly wasn’t working correctly.

(The reason sorting paused games matters, IMO, is that sometimes a player takes a vacation to avoid timeouts… then sorting them shows them in priority order.)

Maybe we can get the initial sort closer, using the old method, so that only paused games jump around like this.


I have a pull request up that I think will fix this, but I’m travelling right now and not sure when it’ll land. Hopefully you can live with the “watch the gobans sort themselves” animation in the meantime?


I think @anoek had a chance to land the PR… did the unintentional “animation” calm down? Wondering if it’s mostly fixed, or if there’s more to investigate.

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Looks fixed now!


@dexonsmith No idea why, but this rengo game is sorted at the top of my list despite its not being my turn to play 💖 KoBa 💖 vs. Ildeuz

Maybe confusion from it being your colour’s turn to play (but, rengo), although a bit strange there haven’t been more cases like this if that’s the problem. Can you file a GitHub issue and I’ll take a look when get a chance?

Yeh! Game sorting shows a rengo game where it isnt my turn at the top · Issue #2619 · online-go/ · GitHub

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