New Blunders by colour feature?

I have just noticed that, when games are finished, there is a message like “7 blunders by black, 8 by white.” Is this something new, or have I just never noticed it before? What good does that do if it doesn’t tell you what moves it thinks were blunders? Is this from Leela Zero?

Yes, this is a new feature and it comes from Leela Zero, though I do not know what the current threshold is set at. Perhaps @anoek can shed some light on that.
I think it’s free use helps you see whether you lost steadily throughout the game or due to a few key mistakes. Site supporters gain access to a full AI review, it’ll be interesting to see whether these blunders get a link to specific moves in this case.

10% right now, we’ll see how that works. I plan on making that adjustable for full reviews and for you to be able to see what all they are.


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