New byo-yomi time display now available for beta testing!

Hey everyone!

We are happy to introduce our new byo-yomi display mode on our beta site! With improved notation for periods, especially the last period (SD = sudden death) in red, this should hopefully resolve some previous confusion.

Current system

New system - periods

New system - last period (sudden death)

Please feel free to test this new feature and offer your feedback :smiley:


Uh, very nice :slight_smile:

Finally. This has been discussed for a long time. Thanks for making it happen xhu!

Outstanding. I lost a game or two in part due to my confusion about which was the final byo yomi period (and in larger part due to getting down to my last couple byo-yomi periods when there were still moves that required thinking left in the game).

Thanks for the updates.


Thanks!! Can we implement this in a current game? Probably not, right?

Current game on beta server? Sure :smiley:

It is not yet live on actual OGS production, so unless your game is super long, probably not, sorry.

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YESSSSSS!! Thank you! xD

This is a great improvement. Thank you.

Does 5 (2) mean I have two more, or one more?

It means that you have two periods left, and the second-to-last period is counting down to 5 seconds left - after that, the SD period will follow.

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This is going to be an excellent improvement. Thank you OGS!!

So, by my understanding, periods will go 3, 2, SD
Making 2 the period directly before sudden death.

Can we have a screen shot of what the new design looks like in main time? I liked that the old system showed you how long each byo-yomi period was as well, such while not necessary when in byo yomi might be missed in main time if players play with lots of different settings.

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wow, that’s great! Mind if I copy it in the Android app?


Considering we pretty much copied it from KGS, I reckon that’s OK :blush: