New byo-yomi time display now available for beta testing!

Hey everyone!

We are happy to introduce our new byo-yomi display mode on our beta site! With improved notation for periods, especially the last period (SD = sudden death) in red, this should hopefully resolve some previous confusion.

Current system

New system - periods

New system - last period (sudden death)

Please feel free to test this new feature and offer your feedback :smiley:


Uh, very nice :slight_smile:

Finally. This has been discussed for a long time. Thanks for making it happen xhu!

Outstanding. I lost a game or two in part due to my confusion about which was the final byo yomi period (and in larger part due to getting down to my last couple byo-yomi periods when there were still moves that required thinking left in the game).

Thanks for the updates.


Thanks!! Can we implement this in a current game? Probably not, right?

Current game on beta server? Sure :smiley:

It is not yet live on actual OGS production, so unless your game is super long, probably not, sorry.

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YESSSSSS!! Thank you! xD

This is a great improvement. Thank you.

Does 5 (2) mean I have two more, or one more?

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It means that you have two periods left, and the second-to-last period is counting down to 5 seconds left - after that, the SD period will follow.

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This is going to be an excellent improvement. Thank you OGS!!

So, by my understanding, periods will go 3, 2, SD
Making 2 the period directly before sudden death.

Can we have a screen shot of what the new design looks like in main time? I liked that the old system showed you how long each byo-yomi period was as well, such while not necessary when in byo yomi might be missed in main time if players play with lots of different settings.


wow, that’s great! Mind if I copy it in the Android app?


Considering we pretty much copied it from KGS, I reckon that’s OK :blush:



when you hover cursor on green circle, word appears that explains what it means
Same should be added to “SD”

In Russian chat someone asked what “ДВ” means. This is what is written instead of SD in Russian version of site. I explained that it means Sudden Death. But I was unable to understand which words are stay behind it. Hour later by exploring sound settings I finally understood “Дополнительное Время”. Which means “Overtime” instead of “The Last Overtime” or “Last Period” - still not clear.

Translations to other languages may have even more problems. So short form of “SD” should be expanded when you hover cursor. And its better to also add words “Last Period”, not just “Sudden Death”


I like this, because it visually unclutters the display. Is there a tooltip to show the time settings?

I think »SD« is maybe not the right term here, as this implies for me absolute timing, whereas the period here is restored after each move. Maybe just »(1)« is sufficient if it gets red and bold (or even pulsing in the last 10 s?).

I think the reason (1) was dropped in favor of “sudden death” is that 1 was unclear. Some users thought it meant there was one period left after the current period.


How do I login on the beta site? My normal login doesn’t work.

Make a new account! The beta server is completely separate from the main one IIUC



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