New experimental nav bar available

Not the position, the location. We want it in the icon menu so that it shows on mobile


Now my groups are at the end of the “groups” page.
My tournaments need one more click: “tournaments” page, then “my tournaments” and it’s in the same format of other tournaments.

In the old “home” page they were all available and in a more compact way

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Ah, you want a clickable thing that expands out the search bar when you’re on mobile… there’s not much room on some devices is the only problem, like I don’t think we have room for another icon on the smaller iOS devices when the tournament icon is active.


Hmm… would it be asking too much if chat notifications and site notifications shared an icon? :thinking: I think people really would like a drop down search icon there… especially new users but also just in general

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I break a lance in favor of the “my tournament” page: I have 103 pages with 50 tournaments each :grimacing:
And even with just the active ones, the list was excessively long. Maybe both?


Just one data point:

I often click the :black_circle:, :bell:, and :mag:
I never click the :trophy:, :family:, or :left_speech_bubble:

I know that’s not representative, but maybe there’s something we can all agree to trade for the search function on smaller screens if it’s more important? Also didn’t notifications (:bell:) used to live in the profile drop down? I didn’t hate that :joy:

I click these…
  • Notifications :bell:
  • Tournaments :trophy:
  • Friends :family:
  • Chat :left_speech_bubble:
  • Search :mag:
  • Turn indicator :black_circle:

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very rarely click any of these
bigger problem that I have to click TWICE to go to /play page in narrow window


You guys are doing a great job! Thanks for putting in the sweat to having such a nice site!


Could I get any enthusiasm for putting the search bar back next to the Tools?

It feels a little odd to have the “heading of the page” being a “search input field” …

I gather anoek has experimented with various places, and there isn’t consensus.

Initial poll (until its swamped by “other” :wink: )

  • Left, Next To Tools
  • In the Middle (as is)
  • On The Right
  • Other (explain below)

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If on the right, are we thinking icon only that expands when clicked?

(Btw looks like I’m the only person who voted right… but actually left is a very close second if that helps)

Edit: changed my vote after doing the mockup below lol


I don’t even think my iOS device is small, in the sense that it’s much much bigger than older iPhones, but it’s not one of these XL ones

Indeed there’s not much more space to fit a search bar, unless when expanded it hid other icons.


It should be an icon that drops down like the other icons behave in the top right.


Unless we bump something else off I don’t see how we can fit it, I have a large phone and this is my nav bar (note the current bug of pushing off my notification icon and my profile icon). I can and will squish them together some more, but yeah when everything is active we don’t have much space left.


I think that’s kind of what my poll was getting at. Search seems to be one of the most important functions, and yet we’re hiding before other, less used icons.

Of note from that screenshot: most users never see the moderation icon, so IMHO that shouldn’t factor into the layout design too much.

Edit: one more place where space can potentially be saved - replace ØGS with Ø? (Only for mobile!!)

Edit 2: Here I made a proper mockup of what I think would look nice on the small screens. (Actually I could even get rid of chat and still be happy :joy:, this is just what happens to show up on my fresh alt)

mockup (firefox responsive design mode iphone 5/SE)


Friend list can go under the avatar menu can’t it?

And couldn’t notifications and chat notifications both go there too?

I have in mind something like top right number on avatar for notifications and top left number for chat and then when you click then you see the notification icons for each at the top of that menu (chat on left and notifications on right). Tapping on either of those opens the respective menu thing you get currently (and closes the profile menu I think to avoid overlaying too much stuff on mobile)

And the tournament indicator can go in the hamburger menu and the trophy sign appear there like a notification indicator. Then when you tap the menu, the tournament menu entry is gold or something or has an extra entry for those tournaments.

And while I’m here, the new menu is much better but could be consolidated a bit more I think. E.g call the first item “games” and add “watch games” as an entry after “ladders”… Then you can cut the weird watch/games bit of the menu.

Also the spacing seems weirdly large so could save a bit of space by tightening that a bit.

Also, just get rid of “home” since the OGS logo does that from anywhere now.

And shouldn’t the menu headings be expanding on tap with the menu item under that rather than just taking you to the first item (for play and learn) the second item (for community and settings) or nowhere at all (for tools)

Finally, the new overview/home only shows active games now rather than also including profile below that list. I’m not sure it’s an improvement exactly but I’d like to think a bit further about what "home"should really be here.

Sorry to be late to the party with comments, it’s great stuff!


I know i’m late to the party, but I just turned this on in settings about three minutes ago and after those three intensive minutes of investigation I wanna say that it’s lit af :fire: Thanks for the hard work!!!


Currently “Play” is under the Play tab and watch “Games” is under the Watch tab.

I would be very tempted to change the name of the ‘Play’ tab to ‘Games’ and move the ‘Watch’ option into that tab. eg:



Oh and it would be nice if the profile menu closed when the hamburger menu is opened:


May I ask for an option to position the nav bar on the bottom of the page?


That would only be temporary. The category is preemptively there in antipation of top board and twitch stream integration, along with possibly some other “watch” themed features.

Hmm, I feel like that wouldn’t be too tricky to implement as an option… but css isn’t my strong suit :sweat_smile:

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