New game disappears on ipad

Occasionally (pretty often) I am having trouble creating games on my iPad (safari and chrome). After creating a new game, the new window correctly opens up as if waiting for a game. However, I can see the game disappearing from the games list. If I reload the game window, I get “page not found”.

If I am in chat, I can see the normal “name has created a game etc” but the button that says “accept” isn’t there.

So we do have it set to remove the game challenge if you close the tab with the challenge… might be that we are cleaning it up during your reload and we can look at that. In the meantime, don’t close or reload the tab and you should be fine :slight_smile:

Nope. It disappears even without closing or reloading. It might close by changing tab, though. Maybe check that out?


I can confirm. i just tried with a second client, to check on the game status, and when I change tabs the game just closes. I hope this will get fixed, as i like to change tabs when creating a game in case I want to join another game instead