New game settings problem

I was looking for a short and sweet correspondence match.

I wanted a maximum time of 36 hours. Eight hours Fischer time.

Looks like I got 36 days. I would like it to be set to what I expected. I will die a century before this game comes to a close. Definitely not what I intended.

Looks like I cannot upload pictures here.

This is the game:

Is there anything I can do besides cancel?

I couldn’t reproduce. All time settings worked as planned. I went for 36 hours + 8 hour fischer and max time of 36 hours.
I also tried 5 minutes + 8 hour fischer and we found a bug.
Black doesn’t get the fischer increment on the first move. The game is here
I’m not sure if this is also the case for live or just corr. games

Try looking at this:

whoa your input fields are way different than mine. I only see 00:00:00 in the time fields so if I put 08:00:00 I get 8 hours
Edit: Maybe manually editing the input fields get’s funky results. Your picture says “1 Days”. I could only get “1 Days” if I manually edited the days instead of using the arrows. If I use the arrows I get “1 Day”. Also manually editing the other fields will end with weird stuff. I mainly used the arrows to set time and then when I see the time format as 00:00:00(or something similar) I will edit the correct values in.

Thanks for sticking with it.

What I entered when creating the game has stayed with the game information function yet the output is much, much different.

I use speech recognition so it’s easier for me to just say what I want as I go through the fields.

I expected the old time format. I was surprised that I could put 36 hours. Apparently, the code wasn’t checking for natural language.

Indeed we’re only checking for the formats we produce in that input field - adding hours wouldn’t be too hard i don’t think though… i’ll look into it

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