New Go Community!

Hi! I am a youtuber about go. And I am a 7 dan player in Taiwan. I think some of you have seen my video and I would like to upgrade my contents.


I build a community on discord to know the problems you been through. And I would like to see what kind of topic is popular with viewers. Trying to improve playing technique of the member is the thing I want.

Join : Badukwei's Tutorial

My youtube channel :** (1) Baduk_Wei - YouTube

In this discord community you can get :

  1. You can ask me any question about go and I’ll choose some to answer it in my youtube or stream.
  2. You can tell me what kind of contents you want to see in my channel or stream. Anything like who do you want me to play against with or chatting is free.
  3. I’ll put some interesting tsumego and the solution.
  4. Everyone can share there games then we can discuss with it. There also some pro-games review be shown.
  5. Having conversations or share stuff with other.
  6. There will be some special event Irregular.
  7. Benefits of my tutorial class.