New Go News project / website

Hi all, Devin Fraze, and me have silently been working on a new Go News project / website. One of functions needs people to register on the website. We’re still in the alpha stages, and wondering what kind of login style most of you prefer, I’ll give some options we are contemplating, but if you don’t see you preferred way please let us know, by commenting below as well.

  • Login with Facebook/Apple/Google + regular login
  • Login with link in your email (no password)
  • Login with password and 2 factor authentication
  • Login with password with special characters
  • Login with string password we provide for you

I think it depends on what function exactly should require a login. It seems that most of the functionality of a news site could be provided without login, so the specific feature would have to be compelling enough to warrant the trouble of creating an account (and disclosing the associated details required, like an email address and/or external account linking).

If it is some sort of feature that does not inherently require much security and the account could be viewed as expendable in some sense, then maybe a simpler set up just requiring a private link or using cookies/local storage is enough?


Just a regular username and password would be fine for me, like here on OGS.


I agree with @yebellz that the bulk of the thing should be available without a login.

But if there is some feature that requires login, I prefer SSO with the option to do username/email + password. I almost always opt for SSO, out of convenience and security, but there is something to be said for not connecting all accounts through a third party.

The benefit to doing email instead of username is that it’s harder to forget, no chance of naming collisions, and you almost always need a point of contact anyway.

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Current authentication use case in development is accounts for authors. As you said, most of the functions of a news site will be available without login.

Private link is an intriguing idea, probably not the right use case here, but I wonder if I can’t work that into some future project.

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I was lookingforward to this but i can’t recommended since it has received much work recently. iguess u guys are busy with other stuff.

anyway, I am trying to start a pro go focused webisted in very early days, but if there are room for collaboration i’d up for it.

Sorry :pensive:
The guy I was initially working on this with left.
Then I hired some help but both those guys kept doing wonky stuff.
It’s sitting at 95% completion waiting for something or someone to help me pull it over the edge and finish it.

Actually I may have found a paid plugin/service that does the main thing I’m missing (basically just a block based text editor).

I’m about to release a teacher directory on BadukClub and then I’ll refocus on BadukNews and finish that too.

P.S. If you want, I think you can mostly write news on BadukNews now. You should try and give me some feedback!