New Go Player here

Hi everyone.

I am kinda new to this website. I got an account a while ago, but forgot I had it. I came here because I want to learn how to play go. I am fairly new to the game. I know some of the rules, but I dont know some things like basic strategy. To be honest, I’ve only played someone once, and he taught me the rules. I still want to learn more about the game.

Would someone be willing to play me so I can figure out what rank I am and what I need to learn?

Any help will be appreciated,



There is a moutain of things to discover, so be patient anyway!
First would be to check if there is any opportunity to discover by playing face to face in real life. It’s much much easier.
If that’s not working then i would advise you to not bother too much of being teached but instead to play many games with other beginners. Open a challenge unrated and ask for beginners (and mention you are a beginner too).
When you will be bit more confortable with the game then you may ask more about it but at the start i fear you get overwhelmed by theories or tactic aspects.

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Thanks. I appreciate you getting back. There are no local clubs, so I need to do this over the net. Ill try what you said with the unrated challenge.



I advised you to play unrated because you will get very crushing games for a while until the system recognize you as a beginner if rated (like using automatch feature, don’t). Harmful and boring.

Enjoy the game with other beginners, there is a lot to discover already just by yourself, like connecting your stones or cutting, be careful to keep liberties and not get captured and such things.
You may have a look on some basic resources or tutorials (some are linked in the OGS main menu)but most will come by simply playing, and that’s a lot of fun.

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I have a playlist you can watch.


Welcome, @jnicholes,

you’ve already received some good advice above.

I’d definitely finish the interactive tutorial first.

After that you should probably be around 25k (25 kyu).

And then … as the proverb says:

Lose your first 50 games ASAP!

Good journey into the game … you’ll meet a lot of fine folks here.

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Thank you all for the advice so far, I really appreciate it!

I am actually in the middle of a beginner game as we speak. Ill let all of you know how it goes when its done.