New go player looking for teaching games

hi i’m new to go i’ve done some puzzles and played 1 game and i was looking for someone to teach me how to play properly and give me some guidance on what i should be doing


This is what I felt helped me get started, in general:

I had a look at your game - you seem to have picked up the very basics quickly.

Nonetheless, I think do a few 9x9 games to make sure you can handle basic fighting, then put your hand up again for more input (teaching, advice).

IMHO :slight_smile:


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But with any other board game, first get used to the layout and the rules of the game.
Play a couple more games.

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Thank you both for your input i’ll watch that video and start practising some 9x9 games

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Feel free to PM for a teaching game when you’re ready.

sounds good thanks very much

I don’t think of myself as a skilled teacher but if you would enjoy a Fast-Correspondence 9x9 game with after-game comments then let me know.

This is excellent IMHO: Interactive Tutorial for Beginners


yeah i’d love to have a game with you but i don’t know how to message you apart from on here

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Challenge sent.

If you need any documentation for using the OGS site you can find it by clicking on this:

OGS Documentation

and FAQ available here:


Well that definitely qualifies as ‘Fast Correspondence’. :smiley:

If anyone else would like to take a peek here’s the completed game:

Please feel free to fill any gaping holes in my comments.

Thanks for spelling that out! There’s a ton of guidance ‘out there’ but as you note, most of it is not geared to we TPK’s. Appreciate the pointers.

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